September 6 - 2011 Highlanders propose a green jersey

In May 2011, as part of a “rebuild” of the franchise, the Highlanders announced plans for a jersey change. The proposal went down like a lead balloon with many of their supporters and a little over three months later the franchise announced a rethink. Dated 6/9/2011.

September 6 The Highlanders do a u-turn with their new green jersey for next year after negative public feedback. The green jersey will now be the away jersey and the traditional colours of blue, gold and maroon will remain as the main jersey.

From 2012 Rugby Almanack “Chronicle of Events” p.362.

The Highlanders have confirmed they will play in a new shirt against the Force at Carisbrook on Friday ahead of a permanent switch from their traditional blue jerseys.

The jersey change will be a one-off this season, Highlanders management confirmed today.

However, the franchise plans a permanent switch to the new jersey next season.

The jersey will not be revealed until the team runs out on Friday night.

It understood it is light green with a dark blue strip down the sides and no trace of maroon.

The jersey has traditionally reflected the provincial unions in the Highlanders’ catchment – blue for Otago, gold for North Otago and maroon for Southland.

The jersey change continued the rebuild of the franchise with new coach and new management and new offices, Highlanders general manager Roger Clark told the ODT today. Dated 30/5/2011.

The Highlanders have had a change of heart about their controversial new green jersey, deciding to use it only for away matches next year.

The Super Rugby franchise created a storm when they unveiled the green uniform for their final match at Carisbrook this year, hoping to start a new era for the side.

Fans and former players were outspoken in their condemnation of the green colouring, saying it had no bearing on the franchise.

The Highlanders’ board released a statement today saying they would retain the Highlanders’ traditional blue strip for home matches next year.

The Highlanders said they would consult with their community on a new strip for the 2013 and 2014 seasons.

Highlanders CEO Roger Clark said that public feedback on the proposed green strip and the need for a neutral process for choosing a new colour had prompted this decision.

“We know that our fans and community are a huge part of what makes the Highlanders so special,” Clark said.

“Whatever the difference of opinion we had with some members of our community – what is blatantly clear is that we all want what’s best for the franchise, and we want a successful, winning rugby team.

“It’s pretty hard to go anywhere without your fans, so we’re staying blue, gold and maroon at home for next year, but we’re definitely keen to freshen our look for the next two years.”

The playing strip in 2011

Proposed green jersey