February 5 - 1927 NZ Maori big win in Vancouver

In an improvement on their first two games in British Columbia the touring Maori team enjoyed a big win over a Mainland team in Vancouver, scoring 13 tries and impressing the local media.

From: “THE NEW ZEALAND MAORI RUGBY TOUR 1926-1927” by D J C Pringle. Published 1971 by Akaroa Mail Company Ltd. P. 59-61.

Next day the third game in this area took place when the Maoris played a team called the “Mainland Reps.” The press report reads: “Displaying more finesse than they exhibited in the first two games the New Zealanders wound up their visit to Vancouver on Saturday by administering a real trimming 43-0 to the Mainland Fifteen. The half time score was 12-0.”

One of the brightest acts in what the headlines called a “Wonderful Display” was provided when “the diminutive Shortland scooped up the ball and almost before he was away a Vancouver man hove in front. ‘Shorty,’ one of the most popular men on the visiting side, quick as a flash, punted just over the Vancouver man’s head, continued his stride, caught the ball on the drop, and continued his run. It was brainy football, many stunts of this kind being pulled off during the play.”

However, the most spectacular move came in the last three minutes after Vancouver had “propelled the ball to within five yards of the Maori line. From that position of defence, Pelham, Kingi and Barclay started a run from line to line for the final try to Barclay. The trio doubled back and forth several times to elude Vancouver tacklers in what was the most spectacular play of the day.”

Tries were scored by Falwasser (4), Barclay and Potaka (full-back) two each, and one each to Robinson, Kingi, Olsen, Matene and Pelham. Matene and Robinson kicked one goal each.

“After the match (against the Mainland Reps) we went to a banquet held for us. Had a great time,” says the Diary. Naturally the first entry for the next day reads, “In bed all morning.” “After lunch Mr Harris (their Canadian host) came around for Rika, Manihera and I and took us to see the Zoo. Then he took us to his place for dinner and Bell and Gemmell came about 8.30 p.m. We had a sing-song and a game of cards.

Albert Falwasser scored four tries