March 17 - 1926 All Blacks Caps given to old players

Capping Catch-up.

The NZRU won much goodwill in 2010-2011 by issuing caps to past All Blacks or their families, a practice that had ceased after World War II.

But, as the following report shows, something similar, though on a much smaller scale, had happened previously.

At the NZRU Management Committee meeting of March 17, 1926 (as reported in Wellington Evening Post, March 18, 1926)

"I think it would be a very gracious act to give caps to these old players," remarked Mr S.S. Dean (chairman) at last night's meeting of the New Zealand Rugby Union, when notice of the committee was called to the fact that there were in Auckland at present two members of the 1884 New Zealand Rugby team, who had not received representative caps. The speaker added that all players who had represented New Zealand, the members of the 1884 and 1893 teams excepted, had received caps. It was desired that the cap should be awarded to every man who had represented the Dominion and the committee decided to grant caps to D. Ryan, T.B. O'Connor and other members of the 1884 team and of the 1893 team.

One of the caps awarded in 1926 is on display at the New Zealand Rugby Museum. Cap of Sir Henry Braddon, 1884 All Blacks fullback