June 12 - 1912 Wellington win in Hawera

The annual match between Taranaki and Wellington was in 1912 played, not for the first time, in Hawera, perhaps to reduce costs and travel time. The Hawera & Normanby Star reporter was there and liked what he/she saw.





A very large crowd assembled at the Show Ground in expectation of a good display of football when these two old time rivals met, and they were not disappointed. It is safe to say that seldom has better passing been seen in Taranaki, and the display of scientific football roused the spectators to unwonted enthusiasm.

Promptly at three o’clock the teams took the field, each saluting the other with hearty cheers. The teams were:

Wellington.—Capper, Lambert, Murray, Kinvig, Ramsden, McKenzie, F. Roberts (captain), Skinner, Hills, Elliott, Sullivan, Gillespie, Paton, Ranji Wilson, and Moffitt.

Taranaki. —Prince, Loveridge, Cameron, Stohr, McLeod (captain), R. Roberts, Brown, McCullum, Cain, Bourke, Tamu, Young, Pini, Dewar, and Whittington.

Wilson set the ball going for Wellington and the return not being too good, Wellington set up a strong attack. Prince nipped this in the bud and found the line. From the line-out the ball came back to Roberts, who at once set his backs going. The ball went to Lambert, to Murray, and to Kinvig, who kicked to touch. The ball was being thrown about in great style by the visitors and a lot of pretty passing was seen, the ball going from hand to hand in short, nippy passes. Then Stohr intercepted, cut in and took play to Wellington quarters. A Taranaki rush was stopped by Capper, who found the line. The home team were having the best of the loose play and kept the ball in Wellington territory for some time. They were, however, unable to get through the defence. A Wellington rush was checked by clever play of Loveridge, who put in a good kick well down the line. From some loose play R. Roberts got the ball, and a strong forward rush saw Dewar dash across and touch down. Stohr made no mistake with the kick.

Taranaki 5 Wellington 0.

Wellington kicked off from half way. For off-side play Wellington got a free kick, and the ball went to touch. Loveridge, playing splendidly, cleverly stopped a dangerous rush. A good rush was set up by Taranaki, led by Tamu, but Wellington returned to the attack and got right down to Prince, the full-back who dashed in, took the ball from the feet of the forwards, and put in a good kick to touch. Wellington came away again and Kinvig ended a good dash by kicking out near the corner. A free kick gave Taranaki relief, and a faulty return was taken by Stohr, who made a good run, but held on too long and a good chance was missed. Then F. Roberts got the ball away and excitement increased as the ball travelled across the line of Wellington backs and Kinvig got over. No goal resulted.

Taranaki 5 Wellington 3.

Almost immediately after the kick off a loose rush carried the ball down again, R. Wilson dashed for the line, and passed to Elliott, who scored. The attempt at goal failed.

Taranaki 5 Wellington 6.

Then Taranaki livened up and carried the attack to Wellington territory. They were playing grandly, but without much method. McLeod made a dashing run, but was collared and lost the ball. Cameron and Loveridge did good saving work and Wellington attacks were repulsed. F. Roberts got the ball away to his backs and some excellent passing bouts were shown, which only stubborn defence spoiled. Stohr relieved with a fine kick and Taranaki attacked. A weak return by Capper had them in trouble. Murray relieved with a god kick to the line. Stohr gained ground with clever footwork. A dangerous Wellington rush was stopped by Loveridge, when things looked serious. Long kicking by the Taranaki backs and Wellington forced. Prince returned the kick off and spoilt Murray’s return and Wellington had a busy time defending. Then they came with a great back rush, in quick succession the ball travelled twice across the whole line of backs, and Lambert almost got over. Prince, collaring capitally, saved the situation and half time was called.

From the kick-off both sides made the pace hot. Taranaki forwards, playing like Trojans, bore down on the Wellington line and kept the backs on the defence. Whittington broke away with a good dribbling rush, but Kinvig was safe. Stohr returned with a great kick. A Wellington passing rush was spoilt by R. Roberts, and play centred. The game was fast and furious, Taranaki more than holding their own. F. Roberts cut in, passed out to his backs. Stohr, however, intercepted, and from half way made a brilliant run, got right round the full-back, and scored a great try. With a grand kick he added the major points.

Taranaki 10 Wellington 6.

An interchange of kicks followed the kick-off, Prince finding the line. A good Wellington rush was nullified by good tackling. Ramsden failed to take a long kick and Wellington were in danger. He made a good recovery and play centred. Yellows came with a great dash, and kept Wellington busy on defence. Both sides were playing a clinking game. Rush after rush of the Wellington backs was stopped, and on two occasions only a mulled pass saved a score. Taranaki attacked again, and F. Roberts saved twice with “hefty” kicking. A free-kick gave Wellington a shot at goal. They forced Taranaki down and set up a passing rush. Roberts, Ramsden, McKenzie, and Kinvig handling the ball in great style. A brilliant dash by the last-named let him over in a good position. The kick at goal was a failure.

Taranaki 10 Wellington 9.

Excitement ran high as the ball, after the kick-oft, travelled up and down and across the field. Stohr, by a good kick gained ground. Capper saved cleverly, and Wellington attacked. Good play by Lovevidge stopped a dangerous passing rush. Out came the ball again to the Wellington backs. F. Roberts, with wonderful skill and smartness, feinted and drew his opponents across, and passed out. The ball travelled from Ramsden to Murray, to Kinvig, who cut in and finished a brilliant run by getting over the line. Wellington place-kicking was off for the day, and no goal resulted.

Taranaki 10 Wellington 12

The local team were still full of vim, and made gallant efforts to recover the lead. Whittington headed a great rush. Murray saved. Another good dash by Taranaki took the ball well down in front of Wellington goal. It was a last gallant effort. F. Roberts marked cleverly, kicked to touch, and one of the of the most brilliant and exciting games ever played here was over. The Wellington men thoroughly deserved their win.

After the match the selectors met and picked the following Tavanaki team to play Wanganui on Saturday: Prince, Loveridge, Cameron, Roberts, Kupe, McLeod, Brown, MeCullum, Cain, Bourke, Hawkins, Young, Kissick, Dewar, Pine. Emergencies: Back, Franklin-forward, Whittington.”



Wellington 12. Kinvig (3), Elliott tries.

Taranaki 10. Dewar, Stohr tries. Stohr 2 conversions.

Fred Roberts Wellington captain

Jack Stohr - try and 2 conversions