February 21 - 1936 NZ Universities finish with win in Hong Kong

NZ Universities had beaten Hong Kong 29 – 8 in their first tour match. Five weeks later in their final tour match and with an unbeaten record at stake, they were opposed by an apparently stronger and certainly bigger Hong Kong team. They came out with a gratifying 26 – 0 win, a great end to their tour.

Colin Gillies - outstanding game


“Reached Kowloon at 8.30 am in dense fog.

The match – played on Happy Valley Ground at 5pm in sultry heat before a large crowd. We surprised ourselves and the Hong Kongers in this game. All the odds were against us. Our seven forwards [85 stone] more than held their eight [110 stone] so that our backs were given ample opportunities to score. Gillies played an outstanding game at 1st 5/8 and bore out our contention that he should been in that position in the final test match against Japan. Wild [2 tries], Parsons [2], Lewis [1], Grant [1] scored. Tricklebank converted 4. Final score 26 – 0. This match made a very fitting conclusion to our unbeaten record and really showed what we were capable of doing under capable refereeing when our backs were given some opportunities. Hong Kong had fielded a much stronger team than formerly and in spite of their confidence of victory applauded many of our movements which led to success. We had to hand it to them in so far as sportsmanship was concerned.”

From: Diary of NZU forward W H K Simmers.