December 17 - 1888 NZ 'Natives' beat Wigan

With Joe Warbrick finally playing again the NZ “Natives” beat Wigan 5 – 1, then moved on to Wales.

“MATCH No. 31.—versus WIGAN, AT WIGAN,


Met a strong team here in the coal country, and a great reception. Banquetted.

SCORE: Natives—1 goal, 2 tries.

Wigan—1 try.

All the last five matches had been played from Manchester— journeying to and fro. We now left Manchester for Swansea, and

took up quarters at the Royal Hotel, High street.”

From “RUGBY FOOTBALL AND THE TOUR OF THE NATIVE TEAM”, compiled by T Eyton. Published 1896.P. 40.

“Our footballers at Home.

UNITED PRESS ASSOCIATION.] London, 17th December.

The Maori football team to-day defeated the Wigan Club (Lancashire) by a goal and two tries to a try.”——-10–1—-0–&st=1

Comfortable wins over Broughton and Wigan on 15 and 17 December completed a relatively successful fortnight. Finally, Joe Warbrick resumed his place in the side and played in six of the next seven matches before again being sidelined for most of January.

From “Forerunners of the All Blacks” by Greg Ryan. Published 1993 by Canterbury University Press. P.76.

Wigan R.F.C.

The town’s first rugby club was Wigan F.C. founded in 1872 by a group of members of the town’s Cricket Club. Wigan FC played on Folly Field, near Upper Dicconson Street. Until financial problems and an inability to recruit quality players led to a merger with Up Holland F.C. and the creation of a new club Wigan and District F.C. The new club played its home games at the then Wigan Cricket Club, in Prescott Street. Eighteen months later however and this initial foray into the world of rugby was over and the club disbanded.

In 1879 a new club Wigan Wasps was formed following a meeting in the Dicconson Arms. This new rugby club evolved into the current Wigan Warriors Rugby League Club we now know today.

The club initially played in blue and white hooped jerseys before changing in 1886 to the now famous ‘Cherry and White’ hoops that are synonymous with the club today.

In 1895 the Wigan club became founder members of the Northern Union following the breakaway from the Rugby Union.

Wigan RUFC

This club was formed in 1913 and in 2015/16 was playing in the South Lancs/Cheshire 1 regional league, the sixth tier of English club rugby.

W T 'Tabby' Wynyard - try scorer