June 14 - 1919 Pioneer Battalion beat Hawkes Bay

Nearing the end of their nine match tour the Pioneer Battalion comfortably beat Hawke’s Bay in their second meeting. The Pioneer Battalion was missing some players because of injuries, which may explain differences between the following Hastings Standard report and NZRFU records.



Ideal weather conditions prevailed for the return match, Maori Pioneer Battalion v. Hawke’s Bay, played on the Nelson Cricket Ground, Hastings, on Saturday afternoon, when there was a large attendance. Included among those present were Sir Andrew and Lady Russell, and the Mayor (Mr, G. Ebbett) and Mayoress.

On behalf of the citizens of Hastings, the Mayor extended a hearty welcome to the Maori team, and Mr. W. J. McGrath, on behalf of the Hawke’s Bay Rugby Union, to Sir Andrew and Lady Russell. Captain Berco responded oil behalf of the visitors, and Sir Andrew Russell also briefly replied.

The visitors were minus the services of several of their best players, who had received injuries in previous matches. The Hawke’s Bay team was the same as chosen, with the exception that Tait (Te Aute) replaced Grenside.

The game was fast and willing throughout, but the heavy physique and passing tactics of the visitors proved too much for the local men, who were defeated by 25 points to 6. Despite the score against them, however, Hawke’s Bay made a very creditable showing, and with a little more weight in the team and a better knowledge of the finer points would certainly prove a hard nut for any provincial team to crack.

The Maoris won the toss, and played with the sun behind them. Hawke’s Bay made matters lively from the start. Jones gained a lot of ground with a good dribble, and Payne secured a mark, but no goal resulted. A like result attended a mark by Dines, and Findlay attempted a goal from half-way. Dines relieved with a splendid kick, and then Findlay had another shot at goal for an off-side infringement, and this time proved successful.

Hawke’s Bay 3, Maoris 0.

On resuming, the Maoris rushed the ball right up to Hawke’s Bay’s 25, where Rogers secured and scored right between the posts. Hall failed with the kick.

Maoris 3, Hawke’s Bay 3.

Rogers again got over shortly after, but lost the ball. The play was even for a time, and then Wilkinson scored a brilliant try, which Jacob converted.

Maoris 8, Hawke’s Bay 3.

In the second quarter, the local men narrowly missed scoring from some good passing rushes. Findlay had a shot at goal from a mark, which just missed, and Dines put in a fine run. The Maoris then livened up and Pakere scored, but no goal resulted from Jacob’s kick.

Maoris 11, Hawke’s Bay 3.

Shortly after the start of the third quarter, Pakere crossed the line, but Jacob failed to convert.

Maoris 14. Hawke’s Bay 3.

Peina. Findlay, and S. Mitchell were responsible for some fine play and it looked any odds on a try being registered by their side, but Amohanga relieved with a good kick into touch. From a free kick Findlay landed a goal, making

Maoris 14, Hawke’s Bay 6.

Mitchell put in some timely kicks when Hawke’s Bay was severely pressed, but the Maoris were not to be denied, Gardner crossing the line, Jacob failing to pilot the leather over the bar.

Maoris 17, Hawke’s Bay 6.

In the last quarter, despite splendid defensive play by Peina, S. Mitchell, Dines, Findlay and Tairoa the Maoris easily held their own and succeeded in adding two more tries to their credit by the aid of Apanui and Carroll, one of which ‘was converted by Jacob.

Maoris 25, Hawke’s Bay 6.

Mr. A. Williams was a capable referee.

For the Maoris, Amohanga, Wilkinson, Rogers, Jacob, and Pakere played best, while among the forwards, Hall, Carroll, Ormond and Gardner shone out. For Hawke’s Bay, Findlay. Peina. S. Mitchell, and Dines were the most prominent in the backs, whilst in the forward division Berry, Tairoa, Downing and Jones were perhaps the best of a splendid lot.

The Maori Pioneer Battalion footballers will play their next match against Poverty Bay, and this will conclude their tour. So far they have played eight. matches, winnine four, losing three, and drawing one. The present team has had the misfortune of losing several of their best players owing to illness and injuries.”


Note: There are some variances between the above account and NZRFU records.

The player referred to as Pakere is Wattie Barclay, who played on the wing for the Pioneer Battalion in this match.

Pakere/Barclay scored one try, not two.

Wilkinson, the other Pioneer wing, scored two tries, not one.

Jacob scored a try for the Pioneers, not Carroll.

The Teams:

Pioneer Battalion. R Amohanga, H Wilkinson, A Apanui, W P Barclay, W Mapu, G Rogers, M Edwards, H Jacob, J Ormond, P Te Urupu, G Gardner, F Pirihi, J H Hall, T Carroll, A Auhana.

Hawke’s Bay. C S Findlay, S L Mitchell, T Tait, T Peina Kingi, J Gifford, R L Dine, M Pere, V W Batchelor, L Edwards, R Tairoa, J Jones, J Downing, H Berry, C H Bunker, W Anderson.


Pioneer Battalion 25. H Wilkinson (2), W Barclay, H Jacob, G Rogers, A Apanui, G Gardner tries. Jacob 2 conversions.

Hawke’s Bay 6. C S Findlay 2 penalties.

Wattie Barclay try scorer for Maori Battalion

Harry Jacob goal kicker for Maori Battalion