March 5 - 1889 NZ 'Natives' gain revenge at Halifax

Having lost the previous day to Oldham, on a ground very hard and dangerous from frost, the “Natives” bounced back with a four tries to nil win over Halifax Free Wanders. The victory was especially satisfying as in October the Halifax side had handed out one of the heaviest defeats of the tour, 4 – 13.

Tabby Wynyard - try scorer

“Our Footballers at Home. [UNITED PRESS ASSOCIATION.]

London. 6th March. The Maori football team beat Halifax by a goal and three tries to nothing.”——-10–1—-0–&st=1

“MATCH No. 63. – versus HALIFAX, at HALIFAX.


This was a return match, and our former defeat by this leading Yorkshire club was amply avenged.

Score: Natives – 1 goal, 3 tries.

Halifax – Nil.”

From “RUGBY FOOTBALL AND THE TOUR OF THE NATIVE TEAM”, compiled by T Eyton. Published 1896.P. 65.

One of the Halifax forwards was J P Clowes who had toured New Zealand with the 1888 Great Britain team but did not play a game. The reason was:

Further trouble arose within days of the team’s departure when J P Clowes was declared to have become a professional after admitting to having accepted £15 from Turner to buy clothes and other items for the trip. The same meeting that banned Clowes expressed concern that others in the team had infringed the laws and would be required to make explanations on their return. In the event, all members of the team were to be called upon to make an affidavit that they had received no pecuniary benefit from the tour, and there the matter ended.

From “The Visitors” by R H Chester and N A C McMillan. Published 1990 by Moa Publication. P29-30.