September 15 - 1928 Wairarapa v Manawhenua

Manawhenua had won the Ranfurly Shield off Wairarapa in 1927 but lost it to Canterbury. Wairarapa, with a team studded with past and future All Blacks, regained the trophy the following season and had already repelled three challenges. Manawhenua were without their 1927 inspiring captain Hohepa “Harry” Jacob and faced an uphill task in this challenge.




From “Manawatu Evening Standard” September 17 1928.

In the last Ranfurly Shield match of the season, played at Carterton on Saturday, Wairarapa retained the trophy after a challenge by Manawhenua, who were defeated by 31 points to 10. The home team gave a good exhibition of the code. The visiting forwards played well in the loose, but. otherwise the team gave a mediocre performance, being beaten in the scrums arid outclassed by the opposing backs. The teams lined out as follows:—

Manawhenua: Wasley, Strange, Taylor, Roberts; Akuira, Robb; Parata; Gleeson; Dalzell, Satherley; Conrad, Tatana; Galpin; Parsons, Crawford.

Wairarapa: Roach; Jury, Stringfellow, Yates; Cooke, Cundy; Hart; J Donald; Reside, McGregor; Willoughby, Parker, Fairbrother; Q Donald, Reid. Wairarapa did not delay in getting into action, and five minutes after the start J. Donald get over in the corner from the loose. Cundy failed with the kick. Wairarapa 3 Manawhenua 0. Play hovered in midfield, the home team hooking from the scrum frequently. Seventeen minutes after the start Wairarapa obtained their second try. Wasley slipped while attempting to clear a kick by Cundy. Parker caught up the ball and ran round the cross wide out. Cundy’s kick was short; Wairarapa 6, Manawhenua 0. Next the home team got away in a passing rush and looked promising but Stringfellow held on too long. From the scrum inside the twenty-five Wairarapa secured and Jury went over tackled. Cundy failed to convert. Wairarapa 9, Manawhenua 0. The home team held the advantage ín the ensuing play, although their efforts were continually nullified by jnfringements. Manawhenua were using their weight to advantage in the scrums but their hookers were unable to follow the advantage.


Wairarapa were pressing, throwing the ball about freely. From a scrum in the twenty-five Jury came up to take the ball at full speed. He was robbed of possession but J Donald obtained and got over in a good position. Cundy converted. Wairarapa 14. Manawhenua 0. Another score was forthcoming shortly afterwards when from a scrum Hart handed out to Cundy, who ran through and shook off his pursuers to cross in the corner. Cundy could not convert. Wairarapa 17, Manawhenua 0. The home team now had an anxious moment when Robers ran down the side-line in possession. He was robbed by Yates, whose kick, however rebounded frorn a player.into the twenty-five. Roach fumbled, but succeeded in making a wonderful clearance. An exchange of kicks saw Yates attack down the line, and short punt. He failed to recover, Roberts finding touch. From the line-out there was a melee close to Manawhenua’s posts. Galpin broke away and attempted to kick clear. Roach secured and potted a beautiful goal. The whistle for half-time sounded shortly afterwards. Wairarapa 21, Manawhenua 0.


Wairarapa attacked again upon resuming, and a passing rush saw Stringfellow go over under the posts, but a scrum was ordered on the twenty five. The home backs handled again, the ball going finally to Jury who was pulled out at the flag by Wasley. Strange gained ground for Manawhenua with a good side-line run, only to be pulled into touch. The visitors were awarded a penalty kick which Taylor failed to turn to account. For the first time Manawhenua now held a territorial advantage for a while. Strange obtained possession on the quarter mark and attempted to get over in the corner, but was dragged into touch. Manawhenua’s efforts were at length rewarded, when, from a line-out close up, Tatana scored in the corner. The same player failed to convert. Manawhenua 3, Wairarapa 21.It was not long before the home team retaliated. From a scrum near the visitor’s quarter mark the ball came to Yates. His kick was taken up by Stringfellow, who came up fast and ran round to score under the posts. Cundy made the goal. Wairarapa 26, Manawhenua 3 It was not long before the home team further increased their lead. McGregor, Parker and Hart were associated in, a movement which resulted in Hart passing back infield to Parker who ran round to score. Cundy sent. the ball over. Wairarapa 31, Manawhenua 3.


From a scrum Cooke was seen in a great run, dodging past all opponents, only to be brought down short of the line in a rear tackle by Strange. Play slackened up and held little of interest until, following a scrum near the quarter mark, Gleeson kicked a fine goal. Manawhenua 7, .Wairarapa 31. From a lineout Gleeson made a good run and short-punted, but he lacked speed and StringfelIow forced. The visitors were at length successful in securing their second try, when, from a melee near the posts, Parsons dived over. Akuira could not convert. Manawhenua 10, Wairarapa 31.

Mr J King, of Wanganui, controlled the game.”

Rawi Cundy was in all the action