November 16 - 1924 All Blacks fly over London

From “With the All Blacks in Great Britain, France, Canada and Australia 1924-25” by Read Masters. Pub. 1928 by Christchurch Press Co. Ltd p.74.

“On Sunday morning, November 16th, at the invitation of Colonel Sereal, Managing-Director of the Imperial Airways, we motored to the Croydon Aerodrome. After a tour of inspection, which proved most interesting, we saw the large aeroplane, “Princess Mary,” leave for Paris with its daily complement of cargo and passengers. Three aeroplanes were then placed at our disposal, and we were taken for half an hour’s flight over London and the suburbs. Fourteen of us were given seats in the body of the “Prince Henry,” which, inside, was like a glorified railway saloon, and away we went, rising to a height of 2,000 feet, and travelling at the rate of 80 to 90 miles an hour. A fairly thick fog partly obscured our view in places, but we obtained a fine panorama of Croydon, Crystal Palace, the River Thames, Tower Bridge, the Docks and Woolwich. We passed over Crystal Palace three times before returning to the Aerodrome, when Mr. George Payne, who was responsible for arranging this wonderful trip, thanked Colonel Sereal for an experience which none of us had hoped to enjoy during our stay in London.”

The All Blacks at Croydon. Credit Sport & General