Rugby Jamboree

Rugby Jamboree 3 published 15 Dec 2023

As 2023 winds to a close, it’s time to start planning the bi-annual Rugby Jamboree.  This will be the third edition, and the best yet.

Book in the weekend of 13-14 April 2024. At Te Manawa, 326 Main St, Palmerston North.

The New Zealand Rugby Museum will once again be hosting rugby-minded people.

If you have a collection worth bragging about, a pet project to show off, an idea for a book, a growing website or a much needed database - come along and share.

Poets, musicians, playwrights and quilt makers are welcome too.

During the Jamboree we will be hosting a meeting for members of the “Association of Rugby Historians and Statisticians”.  A suggested topic “Planning the future for honouring the past of rugby”.

Once again we will have an entire gallery or hall for people to display their collections and other items on Saturday. It will be open to members of the public to view as well.

Sunday we will open up for presentations, there will be 8 x 20 minute slots.  With ten minute question time after each one. Let us know if you are keen to be a presenter.

Sir Graham Henry once asked me, “Stephen are you a rugby tragic?”  I answered “I don’t think I am.”

“I am,” he said, “when I was a boy I collected everything to do with rugby. I had an autograph book and collected signatures.  Much later in life when it came time to move to Wales, my wife Raewyn said we can’t take all this rugby stuff, so I offloaded it and sold it.  I did keep every match programme from every game I ever coached.”

“Years later after I became well-known and we had won the Rugby World Cup, I attended a signing session and a guy came up in front of me and quietly handed over an autograph book for me to sign.  I looked down and couldn’t believe my eyes, it was my own autograph book from when I was a child!”


At this stage we are NOT planning on charging an attendance fee.  We think that if you’re coming from Invercargill, Auckland, Rotorua, or Australia, the cost of transport and accommodation will be enough of a burden.

We will organise a group rate at a Hotel and a get-together for drinks and a meal on the Saturday evening.

Please register your interest by emailing or phoning Stephen Berg.


Phone 06 358 6947 (8.30am-5pm)

Message us on Facebook:  The New Zealand Rugby Museum