January 3 - 1946 NZ Services win in Chard

The NZ Services team, in their penultimate game before disbanding, were untroubled in beating D R Gent’s XV 21 – 3 in Chard, Somerset.

Welsh born Dai Gent, a school teacher, had a long career with the Gloucester club and represented England 1905-10.

There was a community aspect to the match. The Assistant Chief Constable of Somerset collaborated with Gent in the selection of the side, which probably explains the Somerset Police presence in the playing XV. field. Also involved was Lord Kemsley “who generously undertook to defray the greater part of the expense entailed in bringing this outstanding attraction to Chard”.

Proceeds of the match went to help:

  • Chard and District Hospital.

  • Police Charities.

  • Chard and District Nursing Association

  • St John Ambulance Brigade.

Ian Botting scored two tries