December 14 - 1963 All Blacks overcome Swansea Hoodoo

New Zealand were playing their sixth Welsh opponent in 16 matches on the 1963 tour. Swansea had the better record in the last two encounters, 1935 Swansea 11 - 3 New Zealand, 1953 Swansea 6 - 6 New Zealand.

After losing to Newport earlier in the tour hopes were high among the Welsh that Swansea would repeat their success. However a fine day and a dry ground at St Helens allowed the All Blacks to play with more freedom and they won fairly convincingly.

Swansea 9 - 16 New Zealand.

The scoring: After 23 minutes of play John Graham gathered a loose Welsh pass and scored between the posts. Herewini converted. NZ 5 - 0 Swansea.

28 minutes Malcolm Dick sidestepped an opponent, chip-kicked over the fullback and dived on the ball in the corner for a fine try. Not converted. NZ 8 - 0 Swansea.

30 minutes Swansea penalty. NZ 8 - 3 Swansea.

35 minutes Swansea drop goal. NZ 8 - 6 Swansea.

2nd Half

50 minutes Swansea fail to clear a kick from their in-goal, the ball falling for John Graham who again gathers and scores in the corner. Not converted. NZ 11 - 6 Swansea.

72 minutes Swansea penalty. NZ 11 - 9 Swansea.

80 minutes Malcolm Dick scores after a fine back-line movement. Herewini converted. NZ 16 - 9 Swansea.

John Graham, had his best game of the tour

Malcolm Dick - showed some class with two fine tries