March 6 - 1895 Rugby comes to Waipawa

Rugby in New Zealand grew rapidly, but not always steadily, in New Zealand in the 1870s-1890s and into the 20th century. Clubs were established in astonishing numbers and were followed the formation of Rugby Unions and Sub Unions. One of the latter was Waipawa County RSU.

“Waipawa County Union was formed at Waipawa on March 6, the original Clubs being Danevirke (old spelling of Dannevirke) Pirate, Waipawa, Waipukurau and Makaretu Clubs, with Makotuku Club joining the same month, and Takapau Club being added on April 9; the area of the Union was defined as that between Te Aute and Dannevirke. Waipawa County Union affiliated with Hawke’s Bay Union, but went into recess after 1900 owing to the northern Clubs failing. Later a second Union of the same name was instituted, Rugby in the meantime being kept alive in the district by Schools and Mill employees.”

“The second Union to bear the name of Waipawa County Union was founded at Waipukurau in April (1904), when Waipukurau, Waipawa (revived), Ormondville United and Pohukura (from Hastings Sub- Union) Clubs were joined. The Union affiliated to Hawke’s Bay Union as a Sub-Union, in 1927 adopting the present title of Central Hawke’s Bay Sub-Union. It may be mentioned that in 1905 Takapau (revived), Hampton (now Tikokino) and Onga Onga Clubs were added to the Union.”

From “The History of New Zealand Rugby Football Vol. 1 1870-1945” by A C Swan. First published 1948 by A H & A W Reed. Pp. 132 & 145.

Old Waipawa. Credits