January 23 - 1927 NZ Maori cross Canada by rail

On the New Zealand Maori tour of 1926-27 Tom Robinson, from Little River on Banks Peninsula, kept a tour diary. After Tom’s death in 1967 his diary was read by journalist D J C Pringle and eventually published as a book in 1971. The entry for January 23 follows.

Selected for the tour as a 20 year old wing three-quarter he moved into the forwards during the games in France and developed very well in his new position. His brother J T “Toby” Robinson played twice for the All Blacks against New South Wales in 1928.

“Sunday, 23rd:

Train running late. We got off at Winnipeg. Visited the Brewery and the Skating Rink (imagine the fun) and afterwards the team gave the Haka and returned to the station (the train, we imagine, running later than ever). Three o’clock saw us at Brandon for ten minutes. People had gathered to see us.”

From: “THE NEW ZEALAND MAORI RUGBY TOUR 1926-1927” by D J C Pringle. Published 1971 by Akaroa Mail Company Ltd. P. 55-6.