February 1 - 1942 NZEF overwhelm Rest of Egypt

The NZEF team overwhelmed a side from the Rest of Egypt 22 – 0 in Alexandria on Feb. 1 1942 before a wartime crowd of 10,000. Pace, accuracy and support play characterized the New Zealander’s performance.


With backs and forwards collaborating brilliantly in a series of thrilling attacks the NZEF Rugby team overwhelmed the Rest of Egypt Fifteen by 22 points to nil at Alexandria on Sunday, 1st February, 1942. Glorious pace by the New Zealand backline brought the crowd of 10,000 roaring to its feet time after time. The star of the match was W. Perriam, Otago and South Island centre three-quarter. Four tries, two of which were converted and two penalty goals were scored by New Zealand. Their try getting was a classic example of the benefits that accrued from swift and accurate passing and constructive supporting play by backs and forwards alike. The game was played on a sun baked field. The Rest of Egypt appeared in flaming red jerseys. Teams: New Zealand: J. Fleming, T. C. Morrison, W. Perriam, A. McAneny, R. Burgess, K. Welsh. D. J. Parsons, T. F. Hegglun, A. Lambourn, R. Walker, L. R. Pye, J. B. Coull, F. G. Hobbs, J. Finlay (capt.) and A. Mahoney. Rest of Egypt: Van de Walt, Marriott, Lincoln. Freeman, Morgan, Wade, Rayrnent. Ross. Mahoney, Gordon, Gardiner, St. Quentin. Laborde, Pringle, du Toit.

From the kick off, a pass flung halfway across the field by J. Finlay sent the backs away in a dazzling attack which set the pattern for the action packed match. Lambourn and Parsons excelled as hooker and halfback respectively. Resolute defence by the Rest of Egypt, the guile and subtlety of Perriam and strong sideline bursts from Morrison frequently brought the crowd to its feet. Grim tackling by Van de Walt prevented the match from turning into a rout. This South African played with the polish of a Gerry Brand. Shock tactics from Coull and Walker and a touch of comedy crept in, when Lambourn scored—over the dead ball line. (Arty’s luck was out.) When Welsh sent Morrison flying down the line an attack developed into one of rare sparkle. The ball flashed through the hands of most of the New Zealand team with unerring accuracy and Finlay sold a perfect dummy and scored. For New Zealand 2 penalty goals and a conversion by Perriam. Tries by Pye, Finlay, Hegglun and Burgess, one of which was converted by Fleming.”

Jack Finlay, captain and try scorer