October 8 - 1935 a day in the life of the All Blacks

The touring All Blacks have a good day in Newcastle, an inspection of a technological marvel and complimentary visit to the circus.

“On Tuesday.before training, we went down to the station to see the “Silver Jubilee” streamline train before it started on its daily journey to London, 268 miles in four hours, an average speed of 67 miles per hour. It was the first train running on a British railway to be streamlined throughout, and carried 78 first-class and 120 third class passengers.

The complete train weighed 385 tons, and the overall length was 462 feet. There was one stop, of two minutes, at Darlington. On a special trial run over 43 miles, she did up to 112 miles per hour. and averaged 100 miles per hour. We were conducted over the train by the stationmaster, who wore a top hat and a tailed uniform.

In the afternoon we were taken for a drive, and in the evening we were the guests of the management of Mills’ Circus, and saw some wonderful performances. In particular, Captain Wesley’s sea lions, which appeared to be natural clowns, musicians, jugglers, and acrobats. One seal played the National Anthem on a trumpet.”

From ”The Tour of the Third All Blacks 1935” by C J Oliver and E W Tindill. Pub. 1936 by Sporting Publications. P.58