Neil Monro retires as Treasurer

Jennie and Neil Monro enjoying retirement

Neil Monro QSM, started volunteering as Honorary Treasurer for the Rugby Museum Society of New Zealand in 1970.  Now, aged 92 and having given 52 years of service to the museum Neil has decided to call time.  Neil's remarkable record is even more astonishing when looking at the financial performances. Despite Covid-19 and the many other interruptions (1981 Springbok tour, 1991 relocation, and the 2011 renovation) the museum has always recorded a small surplus.

Chairperson Clive Akers and Deputy Chair Phil Monk called around to visit Neil and Jennie in August. They gave Jennie a big bunch of bright red flowers and Neil a speciall prepared New Zealand Rugby Museum Cap. The cap was prepared by Hills Hats in Petone and the embroidery completed by Robert Embroideries in Palmerston North. The front panel has the rugby museum logo, one side has 1970 and the other 2022.  Clive and Phil were delighted by Neil's enthusiastic response to the gift. "I love it, I don't think I will take it off!" laughed Neil.

Neil was quick to point out that Clive has been volunteering since 1975 (48 years) and Phil since 1983 (40 years).  

Left to right, Phil Monk, Neil Monro and Clive Akers

Neil Monro was thrilled with his cap and didn't want to take it off.